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US Doctors and Accredited Health Professionals invited

US Doctors and Accredited Health Professionals invited

Path of Purity is a 50mg CBD tablet made from a full-spectrum phytocannabinoid rich extract - which blends all of the 110+ cannabinoids together for a synergistic entourage effect.

PoP is engineered with a unique 2 stage-release delivery system matched to the way the body uses CBD - the first 25 mg released in the first 30 minutes and the second 25 mg released 3 to 6 hours later when the body signals its need for more.

This 2 stage delivery has been shown in third party lab testing to make Path of Purity up to 30 times more bioavailable than many CBD oils.

An independent brain mapping study of 10 volunteers across 10 brain networks showed each participant improved across ALL 10 networks after 30 minutes, with (in most cases) the improvements increasing for 3 to 6 hours then trailing off, though some individuals even improved after 10 hours. (The networks tested are: Information Flow, Coherence, Lagged Coherence, Anxiety, Mood, Pain, Attention Network, Executive Function, Default Mode and Limbic System).

Path of Purity is priced at US$150 for a 60 tablet (3000mg) bottle which for most people is a 2 month supply; we do charge a $15/order shipping fee.

Path of Purity is primarily sold through Doctors and other accredited Health Professionals. It is NOT an MLM! There are no annual costs, membership fees, or monthly "PVs" to consider when working with us.

Participating Doctors and Practitioners receive a URL to share with Patients and Clients. Our business model recognizes the deep commitment Doctors and other Professionals make in the care of those who rely upon them for guidance.

For more information please visit Path of Purity.

To join with us now please submit an application.

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