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RC&T technologies either:

  1. give your cells (back) the power, oxygen, or other resources needed to perform, heal and repair, or
  2. help your body return to homeostasis and/or musculoskeletal balance.

Each RC&T Technology makes a unique contribution to your improved cellular health, is more effective when used with the others, reinforces (even amplifies) the benefits of your healthy lifestyle habits or professional training/care, and (perhaps best of all) does you no harm.

Additionally, each RC Technology adapts to each user - thus works with whatever you have to work with (to perform, heal and repair) while overlapping in vital quality of life factors like: reduced pain, reduced inflammation, more energy, better sleep, and improved range of motion. This means each technology applies to you, no matter where you are on the fitness/wellness/health continuum and you feel results/momentum quickly, as follows:

  • Elite Athletes excel even more, raise fitness, become more well.
  • Recreational Athletes perform better, raise fitness, become more well.
  • Less active people feel systemic improvement; many increase fitness and/or wellness efforts and activities.
  • The ill, injured, or post-surgical see symptomatic relief and faster recovery often (usually) with less need for drugs.
  • EVERYONE becomes more resistant to illness and injury; aging is slowed.

RC&T Technologies were assembled through a now 18-year research and clinical application process. Through, what is best described as law of attraction, RC&T discovered and offers the World’s leading line of PEMF Therapy Devices, as well as the World’s ONLY dual-release bi-phasic (50mg) CBD Tablet to name only a sampling.

RC&T is your one-stop access to these best of the best Technologies without the need for an 18-year search of your own.

You can either use RC&T Technologies as a:

  1. Package (the recipe) we call Replenishing Care
  2. Individually through our Replenishing Technologies a la carte service.

Please note: most higher-ticketed RC&T Technologies are purchased via US$ wire transfer or Professional Use 3rd party lease.

Replenishing Care
Replenishing Technologies

Replenishing Care and Technologies (RC&T) is YOUR gateway to personal best performance and personal best fitness using a specifically chosen set of cellular health tools.

Replenishing Care
Replenishing Technologies

RC&T does not diagnose, treat, nor cure any illness or medical condition; results vary. Readers are encouraged to use the information and/or services presented under the guidance of health, wellness and fitness professionals they rely upon.

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