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Partner with RC&T in taking your TEAM to the next level.  

Championship Teams are founded on healthy, motivated players and a culture of excellence.   If you are a Team Owner, Team Executive, Team Coach or Team Trainer, partnering with RC&T will help you help your players pursue optimal cellular health and homeostasis – so they perform at their best on the field, and you expand your Team’s reputation as THE Employer of Choice in an already highly-select World.  

There are several ways for Team Owners, Executives Coaches or Trainers to partner with us:

  1. Plug the Replenishing Care One-Stop Cellular Regeneration (RCOCRS) into your team training facility.  RCOCRS STACKS five (5) cellular health technologies together to give your players (back) the cellular power, oxygen and other resources needed to train, perform, recover and heal at a whole new level, and stay in homeostasis and balance while they do,  RC&T is confident, once you see your players’ results you’ll want to be using it yourself too.  
  2. Learn more about RCOCRS
  3. Or you can also do as a growing number of current NHL and NFL players have done (personally) and buy our RC MAX PEMF 120 for your team training facility.   If you are curious, two (2) of these NHL Players recorded more goals and overall points in 2018-2019 than any other season; one even (very kindly) became the de facto therapist with many of his teammates as they prepared for a playoff run.  You might likewise be interested to know, RC&T recently began working with a (second) major US College Athletic Department.  At our first College Level Location, the RC MAX PEMF 120 was described as: the Therapy athletes ask for first by an experienced Sports Medicine Director.  NOTE: As an added benefit we include Pelvic Correction Technique and Human Performance Technology from our RCOCRS as part of our standard RC MAX PEMF 120 package thus enabling you, or a player to try them out before sharing them on a team level. 
  4. Learn more about RC MAX PEMF 120
  5. Team Trainers are eligible to partner with RC&T in providing Path of Purity (PoP) the World’s most advanced Phytocannabinoid Rich Full-Spectrum CBD to their players - subject to the rules of their Sport (and Team) and, of course, the laws in your State or Country/Province.  An important consideration in that decision criteria may be, that PoP contains less-than-POINT-zero-three-percent (.0003) Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and is completely non-psychoactive.  This is only one of many unique features of Path of Purity that set this RC&T Technology apart from any other CBD product.   
  6. Learn more about Path of Purity and how to join our Professional PoP Team

Replenishing Care and Technologies (RC&T) is YOUR gateway to personal best performance and personal best fitness using a specifically chosen set of regenerative medicine tools.

Replenishing Care
Replenishing Technologies
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RC&T does not diagnose, treat, nor cure any illness or medical condition; results vary. Readers are encouraged to use the information and/or services presented under the guidance of health, wellness and fitness professionals they rely upon.

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