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Endocalyx and Glycocheck

Regrow microvascular Glycocalyx to improve cardiovascular function, slow aging, boost performance

The Endothelial Glycocalyx is a micro-thin gel lining that provides a hair-like protective coating to the inside walls of arteries, veins and capillaries. Glycocalyx integrity, structure and optimal function are crucial to the proper and continuous flow of blood, oxygen, nutrients and hormones to cells and organs - as well as the elimination of waste. Indeed, a properly performing Glycocalyx is crucial for general wellness, anti-aging, athletic performance, disease prevention and injury/disease recovery.

Unfortunately for most of us, our Glycocalyx function becomes compromised over time - through aging, stress, and poor diet, sleep or lifestyle choices – causing leakage. Leakage and other impairment reduces the flow of blood, oxygen, nutrients and hormones throughout the blood vessels starving organs and exposing them to toxic buildup. As this worsens we become increasingly susceptible to: Heart Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, Stroke, Kidney Disease, Dementia, Septic Shock, Inflammatory Disorders, Infectious diseases, Cancer Metastasis and Pre-Eclampsia.

At last there is a way to measure and improve TRUE cardiovascular and general health:


GLYCOCHECK is an accurate, proven and patented way to measure the health, integrity and performance of the Glycocalyx – and thereby our blood vessels (including the micro-sized Capillaries which make up 99% of the blood vessels in our bodies). Glycocheck is a highly-effective and new evaluation method for Doctors or Professional Care Practitioners to identify systemic deficiencies that limit or otherwise reduce our wellness, performance, healing and longevity.


Doctors and Professional Practitioners wishing to learn how Glycocheck and Endocalyx can augment your patient/client regimen and improve outcomes outcomes are asked to click:

Once there:
  • click the “Glycocheck" button to learn about this breakthrough Technology and possibly reserve a Glycocheck System for your office;
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  • click "Shop" then scroll down to Endocalyx to learn about and/or order this breakthrough Product proven to regrow the Endothelial Glycocalyx at Practitioner Member prices.


ENDOCALYX is a revolutionary and patented supplement specifically created and proven to repair, restore and replenish the structure and function of our Glycolcalyx Accordingly, Endocalyx is a highly-effective and new method for reducing and reversing systemic deficiencies that limit or otherwise reduce our wellness, performance, healing and longevity.



Endocalyx costs US$ 99.95 for a one-month supply (120 capsules).

Athletes, executives and other individuals wishing to order Endocalyx please:

If you prefer, you can receive a 25% Preferred Member discount by
  • clicking here to become a partner (which has an annual fee of $70 but pays for itself after the third bottle)

For more information contact James at 647-289-3791 or email [email protected]

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