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Pelvic Correction Technique: re-balance pelvis & musculoskeletal system

Pelvic Correction Technique (PCT) is to spinal health what brushing and flossing are to dental health. PCT resets pelvic balance and reverses resultant compensation patterns across the back, spine and joints – most notably functional leg length differential and posterior reactive balance point in the neck.

Here is why PCT is so important:

  • Our body is meant to be symmetrical.
  • Loss of pelvic balance is indicative of a vicious cycle in which:
    1. Loss of symmetry in the upper body causes the hip on one side to pull that leg too far backward causing it to go upward or short (what is called a functional short leg).
    2. Then because the pelvis uses the legs to support the upper body and one leg is functionally shorter than the other the pelvis is unevenly supported.
    3. This uneven support causes the pelvis to drop to the short leg side.
    4. When the pelvis drops to the short leg side it worsens/intensifies the original loss of symmetry in the upper body.
    5. This causes increasing compensation (misalignment) up the spine and across the musculoskeletal system.
    6. The neck is particularly impacted: our head is meant to be held up straight. When our brain recognizes imbalance below the shoulders, it forces a correction in either the left or right side of the neck in an effort to hold the head up straight (what is called the posterior reactive balance point).
  • Left uncorrected, this loss of body balance can lead to soft tissue inflammation, joint dysfunction, premature wear and tear injury, and many other painful and degenerative processes.
  • Most people experience a loss of body balance without realizing it, and long before presenting symptoms such as lost range of motion, and/or back, neck, or joint pain.

Here is how PCT works

Pelvic Correction Technique uses 2 physical tools to directly intervene in this process and immediately address and correct this imbalance:

  1. a set of pelvic blocks is used to correct the imbalance in the pelvis;
  2. Pelvic Correction Technique

    Use of wedges for Functional short left leg is shown.

  3. a specially-designed neck roll with a built-in traction piece is placed against the posterior reactive balance point in the neck – a process that reinforces the use of the pelvic wedges; the neck roll is also designed to help re-establish the contour of the cervical spine (curve of the neck) to reduce the negative effects of forward head posture (such as Dowager’s Pack).
  4. Pelvic Correction Technique Pelvic Correction Technique

NOTE: Determining the placement for the wedges and neck roll is done during a short and easy-to-learn/follow 4 step assessment process.

The benefits of PCT

As simple and easy as Pelvic Correction Technique is to learn/use its benefits are many, including: relief of chronic pain; return to work, sports, normal life activities; holding benefits of professional care longer: reduced wear and tear, to name only a sampling.

RC&T Pelvic Correction Technique

RC&T’s Pelvic Correction Technique is delivered using a kit consisting of 2 pelvic wedges and a specially-designed (dual purpose) neck roll which RCOCRS users learn how to place through a simple 4 step assessment:

  • The two (2) pelvic blocks
  • The specially-designed neck roll with traction piece
  • Complete training including step-by-step testing and individual-specific wedge and neck roll placement reference sheets
  • RC&T Pelvic Correction Technique

Cost for RC&T Pelvic Correction Technique/Kit: US$175

To order RC&T’s Pelvic Correction Technique please complete the following form and we will send you an invoice.

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