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North American health paradigms and general thinking limit the effectiveness of traditional fitness, wellness and health programs through a lack of focus on restoring cellular health and homeostasis.  This is tragic since reduced cellular health and loss of homeostasis diminish the body’s ability to perform, heal and repair – and become a blueprint for a vicious cycle in which improper healing causes reduced performance and accelerating wear and tear (which cause a further decrease in both performance and healing).   RC&T technologies either give cells (back) the power, oxygen and other resources needed to train, perform, recover and heal, or help the body stay in homeostasis and balance.

If you are a Health, Wellness or Fitness Professional partnering with RC&T and using our cellular health technologies will separate you and your Care Model from the crowd, and transform your Practice into a place where helping each Athlete/Patient use and amplify their body’s innate ability to heal and repair becomes THEIR greatest performance/fitness resource YOUR foundation for enhance professional fulfillment (and referrals).

There are multiple ways and degrees by which Fitness, Wellness or Health Professionals may partner with us:

  1. Plug the Replenishing Care One-Stop Cellular Regeneration (RCOCRS) into your Care Model and Practice.  RCOCRS STACKS five (5) cellular health technologies together to give the athletes/patients who rely on you for care and guidance (back) the cellular power, oxygen and other resources needed to train, perform, recover and heal at a whole new level, and stay in homeostasis and balance while they do.  This will also be a natural step toward being part of our RC&T Franchisee Network, as it unfolds.  
  2. Learn more about RCOCRS
  3. Or you can do as many other Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals have done and start with our RC MAX PEMF 120 for your Practice. If you are curious, an experienced US College Sports Medicine Director who leads a mammoth, multi-disciplinary injury and recovery center, recently described the RC MAX PEMF 120 as: the Therapy athletes ask for first. As an added benefit our Premium 5 coil PEMF Package includes Pelvic Correction Technique and Human Performance Technology from our RCOCRS as part of our standard RC MAX PEMF 120 package – thus enabling you, or an athlete/patient to evaluate their respective and cumulative benefits before sharing them on a practice-wide level.
  4. Learn more about RC MAX PEMF 120
  5. You can integrate Voxxlife Human Performance Technology (HPT) into your care model.  Here is why you may wish to:  
  6. HPT instantly optimizes neurological function, fixes neurological dysregulation and reboots the brain’s myriad networks (e.g. pain, anxiety, default mode et cetera).  Indeed, users experience improvement of 31% in balance, lateral stability and dynamic stability as well as collateral increases in energy, endurance, range of motion, velocity of force, power and eccentric force (ALL) in about 7 seconds.  

    Voxxlife HPT is ingeniously delivered via socks, insoles or patches specially-engineered with a neurological algorithm.  When this algorithm interacts with Dermatome or other Peripheral Nervous System Receptors it triggers a specific and precise sequence and pattern of neuro-receptor activation directly impacting the Vestibular System; Balance; Spatial Orientation; Proprioception (touch and position sense); Respiratory Control; Motor Control; Posture; Heart Rate Regulation; Skeletal Muscle Control; Flight or Fight; Reaction Time, and Pain Regulation.  

    RC&T distributes Voxxlife HPT through an affiliate membership program.  The following Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals are eligible to participate through a special Professional Practitioners’ Membership: MD, DO, DC, ND, Dentists, Pharmacists, RN, PA, Physio, Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, Acupuncturist, Podiatrist, Chiropodist, and Registered Dietitian. Professional Practitioners qualify for special training, special pricing and other added benefits.

    If you are among these professions and wish to join us please click on:


Replenishing Care
Replenishing Technologies

Replenishing Care and Technologies (RC&T) is YOUR gateway to personal best performance and personal best fitness using a specifically chosen set of cellular health tools.

Replenishing Care
Replenishing Technologies

RC&T does not diagnose, treat, nor cure any illness or medical condition; results vary. Readers are encouraged to use the information and/or services presented under the guidance of health, wellness and fitness professionals they rely upon.

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