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Enhanced Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (+ Altitude Contrast Feature): repair your body’s repair system

Oxygen is the chief building block of the body’s repair system - which helps cells, organs and systems operate at normal function. This makes maintaining proper oxygen levels throughout the body invaluable since if the level of oxygen throughout the body is deficient the body simply will not repair effectively or efficiently.

Unfortunately the strain of exercise coupled with the stresses of life triggers inflammation in small blood vessels (capillaries) - resulting in lowered blood flow, reduced oxygen delivery and trapping of toxic metabolic waste. Left unattended, this combination of reduced circulation, reduced oxygen and toxic buildup keeps muscles sore, weak, and anaerobic – thereby limiting performance.

Repairing the body’s repair system using Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) is an effective way to begin reversing this negative domino effect: EWOT helps rebuild the body’s repair system by delivering concentrated oxygen while the user engages in activity to boost their heart rate. Benefits include: anti-stress; anti-aging; weight loss; improved sleep, and increased resistance to cancer, diabetes, cataracts, macular degeneration, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and non-healing cuts.

RC&T’s approach to EWOT and why Altitude Contrast Training is so much better for you?

  1. Standard EWOT delivers 8–10 l/m. RC&T’s enhanced EWOT Platform enables inhalation rates up to100 l/m and also features an altitude contrast capability – that simulates high altitude training.
  2. This altitude contrast feature takes the user through a process of oxygen saturation, followed by oxygen deprivation, then (return to) saturation to create the perfect oxygen storm (in which): the user is connected to a large supply of concentrated (90%+) oxygen when his/her heart rate is high and their brain knows the body needs more oxygen.
  3. This perfect ACT oxygen storm helps flush lactic acid, restores oxygen and performance factors throughout the body, and reverses stress-triggered congestion that limits blood flow – thereby improving athletic performance and overall health (quickly and often dramatically).
  4. ACT oxygen storm ACT oxygen storm ACT oxygen storm

  5. Accordingly, the perfect ACT oxygen storm in turn, creates the perfect storm of healing and renewed athletic performance:
    • The shifts in oxygen act like an oxygen-pump - pumping out toxins and pumping in life-giving oxygen.
    • This causes cells to be either up, or down-regulated - leading to improved healing and increased cellular metabolism.
    • As a result ACT opens the whole vascular system, flushes waste, and restores metabolism.
    • ACT often clears lactic acid soreness within a single session, and erases the muscle brownouts that limit performance.

Consequently, after just one session muscle soreness and lactic acid buildup is greatly reduced or eliminated; there is accelerated recovery from strenuous exercise (or even overtraining); users report an increase in energy and a clearer mind. A cellular detox with benefits lasting up to twelve (12) months is initiated.

With repeat use (2-3 times per week for 4-12 weeks) there is improved athletic performance, increased aerobic capacity, and faster recovery from competition. Overtraining is reversed.

Repeat use also improves overall health and wellness: raises metabolism; assists in weight loss (including decreased cravings of unhealthy foods); increases cardiovascular capacity; improves mood, mental acuity, memory, and ability to handle stress; improves energy; contributes symptomatic improvement in chronic illness or infection; contributes symptomatic improvement in concussion, stroke or brain injury.

RC&T Enhanced EWOT with Altitude Contrast Feature

The RC&T Enhanced EWOT System with Altitude Contrast Package includes two (2) 10LPM Concentrators, a Reservoir, 5 High-Volume Masks and a Pulse Oximeter. Complete training is provided.

RC&T Enhanced EWOT with Altitude Contrast Feature RC&T Enhanced EWOT with Altitude Contrast Feature

Cost for RC&T Enhanced EWOT with Altitude Contrast: US$6,700

To order the RC&T Enhanced EWOT System with Altitude Contrast Package please complete the following form and we will send you an invoice or a Lease Application.

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