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Replenishing Care One-Stop Cellular Regeneration System (RCOCRS)

The Replenishing Care One-Stop Cellular Regeneration System uses and enhances the body's own ability to perform, heal and repair. RCOCRS does this by STACKING five (5) specifically-chosen and synergistic cellular health technologies together - each of which makes its own unique and incremental contribution to cellular health by EITHER giving cells back the power, oxygen or other resources (lost during competition, rigorous training or life) needed to perform, heal and repair OR by helping return the body to homeostasis and/or musculoskeletal balance.

Additionally, each RCOCRS Technology works better when STACKED with the others, overlaps in key benefits (like less pain, reduced inflammation, more energy, better ROM), enhances professional care, professional training and healthy lifestyle practices, and does no harm.

The five (5) RCOCRS Technologies are:

  1. High-Powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy
  2. Enhanced Exercise with Oxygen
  3. Scar Tissue Therapy
  4. Pelvic Correction Technique
  5. Human Performance Technology
  1. High-Powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy
  2. PEMF is a battery charger for cells that reduces pain, boosts energy, increases range of motion, accelerates healing from surgery or injury (by up to 40%) and promotes well-being.

    PEMF works fast and consistently. Because PEMF helps cells help themselves, the Therapy has UNIVERSAL application and often produces results far beyond expectations. In fact, PEMF is the very foundation of the Replenishing Care Recipe (both) because of what it does – but also because using PEMF amplifies the benefits of every other technology and/or healthy life practice you follow and/or the professional training and care you receive.

    RCOCRS includes the World’s leading PEMF device equipped with a special-value package of five (5) applicator coils and best practice training, as follows:

    RC MAX PEMF 120 Portable – with 5 coil package (top to bottom) Large Loop, Butterfly, 30 Foot Rope, Paddle and Therapeutic Pad.

    RC MAX PEMF 120 Portable with 5 coil package image 1

    NOTE: may substitute the RC MAX PEMF 120 Tabletop if preferred.

    RC MAX PEMF 120 Portable with 5 coil package image 2

    The RC MAX PEMF 120 is the World’s leading high-powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy device. RCOCRS utilizes RC&T’s proprietary Sports Medicine, Athletic Training and General Health and Wellness Protocols which require the upgraded coil package and complementary tools shown above.

  3. Enhanced Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (+ Altitude Contrast)
  4. RC&T’s Enhanced EWOT System has helped multitudes of Elite Athletes record personal bests – including mature Olympians relatively late in their careers.

    Simply explained, EWOT helps rebuild the body’s repair system by delivering concentrated oxygen while the user engages in activity to boost their heart rate.

    EWOT benefits include: anti-stress; anti-aging; weight loss; improved sleep, and increased resistance to cancer, diabetes, cataracts, macular degeneration, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and non-healing cuts.

    Standard EWOT delivers 8–10 l/m. RC&T’s enhanced EWOT Platform enables inhalation rates up to100 l/m and also features an altitude contrast capability – that simulates high altitude training. This altitude contrast feature takes the user through a process of oxygen saturation, followed by oxygen deprivation, then (return to) saturation to create the perfect oxygen storm of having: the user breathing from a large supply of concentrated (90%+) oxygen at a time his/her heart rate is high and their brain knows the body needs more oxygen.

    The perfect oxygen storm helps flush lactic acid, restores oxygen/performance factors throughout the body and reverses stress-triggered congestion that limits blood flow – thereby improving health, strength and endurance (quickly and often dramatically).

    RCOCRS includes the following upgraded EWOT System:

    RC&T Enhanced EWOT with Altitude Contrast Feature

    The RC&T Enhanced EWOT System with Altitude Contrast Package includes two (2) 10LPM Concentrators, a Reservoir, 5 High-Volume Masks and a Pulse Oximeter. Complete training and integration with other RCOCRS technologies is provided.

    RC&T Enhanced EWOT with Altitude Contrast Feature collage
    RC&T Enhanced EWOT with Altitude Contrast Feature image 1
    RC&T Enhanced EWOT with Altitude Contrast Feature image 2
    RC&T Enhanced EWOT with Altitude Contrast Feature image 3
  5. Scar Tissue Therapy (STT)
  6. Scar tissue, caused by repetitive motion, injury and surgery, is often the culprit in many cases of non-diagnosed pain. As blood vessels that nourish the fibrotic tissue become restricted or blocked, the tissue dies and becomes rigid and inflexible - in turn impinging nerves and impairing normal movement.

    Scar Tissue Therapy (STT)

    Fortunately scar is brittle! RC&T’s Scar Tissue Therapy targets this brittle matter with the shearing force of planar waves quickly and painlessly (feels like a massage) breaking it up. In this process scar tissue is removed to help reduce muscle spasms, TMJ, tendonitis, tennis elbow, trapped nerves, adhesions, limited range of motion, adhesions, shoulder, ankles and neck pain, carpal tunnel and contractures.

    RCOCRS includes the following Scar Tissue Therapy Device:

    RC&T Scar Tissue Therapy

    The RC&T Scar Tissue Therapy (SCT) is a handheld vibration device that is simple and quick to deploy. It is used prior to PEMF Therapy within RCOCRS best practice training and (when needed) as an adjunct to our Back, Spinal and Joint Protocol.

  7. Pelvic Correction Technique (PCT)
  8. Pelvic Correction Technique (PCT)

    PCT is to spinal health what brushing/flossing are to dental health. PCT helps re-pattern the pelvis and spine to their natural structural balance – thereby reversing a vicious cycle (that affects us all) in which loss of symmetry in the upper body, causes one of our legs to become functionally short, which, in turn, exacerbates the original asymmetry in the upper body.

    Left uncorrected, this loss of body balance can lead to soft tissue inflammation, joint dysfunction, premature wear and tear injury, diminished athletic performance and various other painful and degenerative processes. Most people experience a loss of body balance without realizing it, and long before presenting symptoms such as lost range of motion, and/or back, neck, or joint pain.

    RCOCRS includes the following Pelvic Correction Technique/Kit:

    RC&T Pelvic Correction Technique

    RC&T Pelvic Correction Technique

    RC&T’s Pelvic Correction Technique is delivered using a kit consisting of 2 pelvic wedges and a specially-designed (dual purpose) neck roll which RCOCRS users learn how to place through a simple 4 step assessment:

    1. The blocks correct functional short leg resulting from pelvic imbalance; placement shown below is for Functional Short Left Leg.
    2.  Functional Short Left Leg
    3. The specially-designed neck roll is used to apply traction against a specific compensation point in the neck (also created by the pelvic imbalance) that is identified during the PCT Assessment. This compensation point in the neck, called the posterior reactive balance point, acts like a reflex when triggered during the PCT Assessment and temporarily corrects functional short leg. Thus using the neck roll reinforces the effects of the pelvic wedges (in reversing functional short leg).
    4. PCT Assessment PCT Assessment

    Additionally the neck roll is designed to help re-establish the contour of the cervical spine (curve of the neck) thereby reducing the negative effects of forward head posture (including causing such visible conditions as Dowager’s Pack – but also contributing to many general health issues and ultimately pain and lost range of motion in the neck).

  9. Voxxlife Human Performance Technology
  10. Voxxlife HPT optimizes neurology in 7 seconds - immediately improving balance, lateral stability and dynamic stability by 31% plus likewise contributing significant increases in power, energy, and velocity of force (to name only a few).

    Voxxlife HPT is ingeniously-delivered through Socks, Insoles, (stick-on) Patches, Knee Wrap and/or Forearm Sleeve – engineered with a neurological algorithm that triggers a precise and specific neuropathic response beginning in the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS).

    The instant this Neurological Algorithm interacts with the Dermatomes on the balls of the feet or through other PNS Receptors – it triggers a domino effect of positive up-regulation through the Brain Stem Central Nervous System, Somatic Nervous System and Autonomic Nervous System.

Brain Stem Central Nervous System

Collectively these systems control skeletal muscle contractions and automatic regulation of smooth muscles, cardiac muscle, glands and adipose tissue. Thus HPT directly impacts the Vestibular System; Balance; Spatial Orientation; Proprioception (touch and position sense); Respiratory Control; Motor Control; Posture; Heart Rate Regulation; Skeletal Muscle Control; Flight or Fight; Reaction Time, and Pain Regulation.

By impacting these systems HPT optimizes user neurology, fixes neurological dysregulation and reboots the brain’s myriad networks (including pain, anxiety, default mode et cetera) within seconds of employing the socks, insoles or patches. The benefits of HPT include: improved athletic performance, reduced likelihood of falling, increased energy, strength, endurance and wellness.

RCOCRS includes the following HPT package:

RC&T Voxxlife Human Performance Technology Package

RCOCRS includes the following Voxxlife Human Performance Technology package: 5 sets of HPT insoles, 10 pairs of HPT socks, 2 packages (10 per box) of HPT stick-on patches, 2 Knee Wraps and 2 Forearm Sleeves.

RC&T Voxxlife Human Performance Technology Package RC&T Voxxlife Human Performance Technology RC&T Voxxlife Human Performance Technology RC&T Voxxlife Human Performance Technology

RCOCRS: The power of STACKING:

The unique, specific UMBRELLA or superordinate contributions to improved cellular health of the five (5) respective RCOCRS Technologies are:

  1. PEMF: Recharges cellular electrical power,
  2. EWOT: Repair the body’s own repair system,
  3. STT: Reduces/removes scar tissue and inflammation,
  4. PCT: Re-patterns the pelvis and spine to natural structural balance,
  5. HPT: Re-establishes optimal neurology.

Each of these 5 umbrella or superordinate contributions, in turn, translates into an extensive list of corresponding subordinate benefits (FAR too long to list here) that when STACKED together affect virtually every system, every organ, every function and every cell of the body.

Another advantage of STACKING the technologies is that doing so enables you to take advantage of their synergistic properties and create an entourage-like therapeutic effect in key factors like more energy, better sleep, less pain, reduced inflammation, better range of motion, reduced stress, improved mental clarity, anti-aging, greater sense of well-being, weight loss, injury recovery, and disease/injury prevention.

Of course STACKING also reduces the time required for you to take full advantage of this powerful cellular health Recipe. To ensure you get off to the right start, RC&T’s Integrated Training and Recovery Protocols will have you operational in short order. Shipping within the continental US and ALL training is included.

The cost for the Replenishing Care One-Stop Cellular Regeneration System is: US$29950

Payment is by US$ wire transfer (or Professional Use) 3rd Party Lease.

To order the Replenishing Care One-Stop Cellular Regeneration System please complete the following form and we will send you an invoice with wiring instructions or a Lease Application.

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